Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association, Inc.

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Youth Engagement Coordinators


Job Description: To promote tennis growth in East Texas Communities.







**Booths w/special needs associations

**Beginning a ladies or men’s tennis league

**Reinvigorating the tennis community in North East Texas (i.e. Ladies Tennis Association or Community Tennis Association)


Expectations & Compensation:

**Coordinate your activities with our USTA-TX TSR, Andrea Booth, to insure your efforts fit with USTA-TX plans, efforts and programs

**NETXcta will pay up to $30 / hr for up to 10 hours of time per month that contribute to a minimum of three different events.
  We expect you will "volunteer" additional hours. You may be compensated for superlative results or exceptional efforts.


**Must attend and bring report of hours and activities to the CTA meetings (Attending meetings does not count as hours although you will be compensated for mileage)

**Keeps 100% of generated income and stipend as above.


Updated: March 2, 2017