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Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Officers Meeting on September 18, 2017
Panera Restaraunt (on Broadway in Tyler) 
Proposed Agenda

(Modified:  Sept.16, 2017)

Present might be: Andrea B, Daryl B, Edward K, Alex L, Deb M, Meg R., Chris T.
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  1. 11:30 Meeting will be called to order
  2. Standing Items:
    1. Review agenda & plan meeting
    2. Tennis Tip:
      Past Tips:(4)wrap & roll  (3)fire & pull, Serve 45/ ROS 35, (2)pat dog, (1)turn Wings, TBT, LDIRS, BLUR, Push the car, Count steps, Slam the door
    3. Approve minutes from previous meeting
    4. Treasurer's report and financial review <HL> Actuals through 2016 + budget
    5. League reviews: USTA adult & JTT <HL> Adult Stats and JTT Stats
      1. Encourage League leadership: organizations, directors, captains
    6. Report from USTA TSR (YES)  (trainings, happenings, ....
    7. Hosting Sectionals plans 
    8. Coaches & Pros Association - status, news...
    9. 1st Aces Youth Events - <HL> status news ...
    10. Recruitment, succession planing, training, responsibilities: officers and board
  3. Old Business
  4. New Business
    1. 5/15 Approve informal action (email) to pay sectional fees
    2. 7/19 Approve informal actions to compensate Will McDonald, NETX JTT Coordiantor,  $50 / hr for sectional JTT calls and buy him a laptop, printer and software for $1147.
    3. Report back to USTA Texas on activities facilitated by 2017 GTG Grant
      <HL> Grant Report
    4. Sponsor Tyler Pro Challenge Tournament at TAS community sponsor $500 <HL> Tournament Flyer
    5. Website stuff: we're being moved to a different environment by USTA. Register at WIX, the new enviornment. Change registrar for from GoDaddy to Wix.  Have and both point to
      Old site:    New site:
  5. Ending Items:
    1. Next meeting is _____________________
    2. Meeting Adjourned