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Northeast Texas USTA Junior Team Tennis               Modified February 14, 2017

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USTA Junior Team Tennis provides youngsters with fun, fitness and friendship through learning and playing tennis. Junior Team Tennis (JTT) provides competition in a team atmosphere for boys and girls of beginner to advanced ability levels, helps youngsters develop a full knowledge of the rules of tennis, and develop habits of good sportsmanship, and brings youngsters from entry level tennis to competitive play in USTA-sanctioned tournaments.

There are 5 age divsions: 8&under, 10&under, 12&under, 14&under and 18&under. There are 3 skill levels of play. The USTA Jr. Team Tennis League play levels are defined as Beginner (NTRP 2.0 & below), Intermediate (NTRP 3.0 & below) and Advanced (NTRP 3.5 & above). Players cannot have a rating higher than the team tennis level at which they are playing.

NETX JTT  Ages and Divisions:
10 & Under (10u) Gender Neutral Green Ball
12 & Under (12u) Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
14 U Under (14u) B,I,A
18 & Under (18u) B,I,A

Beginner - (8 ZAT points of fewer) players with limited tournament experience
Intermediate - (9 or more ZAT points)
Advanced - players qualified to play in Champ and Super Champ


Please contact Will McDonald at HollyTree CC to get a team number to register your players on Tennislink. All teams must be made of a minimum of 3 boys and 3 girls (however, 4 of each is preferred so all matches can be played at the same time). Players register online at

Format of Play

14u, and 18u Intermediate and Advanced; 14U and 18U Beginner
Teams will be co-ed with a minimum of 2 boys and 2 girls on a team. Matches will consist of 2 boys singles, 2 girls singles, 1 boys doubles and 1 girls doubles. The team with the highest combined game total will be the winner.

10 & 12 and Under Format

Teams are gender neutral and may be comprised of boys or girls or any combination of boys and girls. Team matches require a minimum of 4 players. Each match consists of 4 singles in order of strength and 2 doubles in order of strength. All matches will be an 8 game pro-set with a tiebreaker played at 7-7. The team with the most total games won will be the winner.


10u and 12u teams must have 4 players registered by February 13th. You can add player until the day before the last match, April 22nd.
14u and 18u must have at least 2 boys and 2 girls registered by February 13th. You can add players until the day before the last match, April 22nd.
Players must stay age eligible through the Sectional Championships (May 31st)
*The number of matches played per date may change based on the number of teams registered in each division.
The winning team in each division will be eligible to represent East Texas in the State Championships.
Sectionals for all ages and levels will be played in Tyler, May 28 & 29

The local league fee is $28 per player ($24 + $4 TennisLink admin fee).  This fee does not include instructional or administrative fees assessed by coaches, clubs or tennis facilities.

USTA JTT Regulations page (includes other useful guidelines)