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2014-10-22 email Daryl

I followed up with B’Ann Boiles today about doing the First Aces in Longview, and I have also talked to Bruce Carter recently.  Bruce suggested coming over to Longview and taking B’Ann to lunch to discuss, and possibly bringing the TJC coach.  B’Ann thought it would be more attendance if the tennis could be set up at the club on the covered basketball court.  The kids are available from 4 to 7:30 every day, and Fridays are a free day with no home work. (not a good idea in football season)  B’Ann also mentioned that the B&GC works with LeTourneau athletic director weekly.   B’Ann has rackets already.

Proposed path forward

  • Bruce and Daryl take B’Ann, Joyce (B&GC program director), Suzanne (LeTourneau coach) to lunch in the near future.  
  • Discuss option for
    • o   When- Spring or Fall
    • o   Time- Friday night in Spring or Saturday afternoon in spring or fall
    • o   Where- B&GC or actual courts
    • o   Who- TJC, LeTourneau, Both

Contact Information:
B’Ann Boiles | | 610 W Garfield St | Longview, TX 75602 | (903) 234-9132


2nd Annual 1st Aces. 75 kids from BGCET, St. Pauls Medthodist, HollyTree C.C. and the community participated in the UTT vs TJC Tennis Team Exhibition followed by a the two teams leading a playday for youth participlants. Event had good coverage in the Tyler paper.


Bruce called Edward with update on Woldert. Tim Kennedy, contractor is ready to go. Tim will do everything required for about $3,500 which, John P. said was a great price. That includes marking a 36 foot kids court on the adjacent basketball court. The USTA is requesting a drainage assessment and Bruce is planning to talk to Robyn to touch base on the project and specifically about the engineer assessment. Bruce also plans to find an appropriate person/s at the city with whom to meet with the intention of better understanding what is/will be required to update and upkeep Woldert, Fun Forest, Bergfield and Pollard? How is that budgeted now? How can we, the public or TCTA or NETX come along side? What part does the USTA play? I told Bruce we appreciated his effort and will do all we can to help.


 Email from Robyn with a forward from Lynne Schachte,  United States Tennis Association  National Line Grant Consultant, Faulkner approved for $3,700 and few things needed for Woldert. Message sent to Bruce too who has been very responsive.


Bruce and Edward did measurements at Woldert Park on a cold Rainy day. Edward added measurements to drawing of court and emailed to Bruce that evening.

2013-4-26 Bruce and Edward by phone

Bruce called to review Woldert Part Status. Emails had been sent back and forth. We understood that USTA national, who oversees grants of this nature, was waiting for some project documentation like pictures and measurements. Gerald P. had volunteered to get that done. Bruce has some time next week to check with everyone, see where we are and what we can do to move it forward. Glass recreation volunteered to be the key keeper for Woldert park if it was necessary to go that direction. We also talked about the exhibition portion of the next First Aces and turning it into a real match, maybe team tennis format and using it as a fund raiser. After Woldert, Fun Forest, Bergfield and Pollard can all use some attention and updating.

2013-04-16 First Aces at TJC

73 Kids participating. Lots of tennis, face painting, ice cream, 20-30 racquets (and Balls) given away at end. Front Sports page coverage in Tyler paper. Edward has lots of pics. Some at Tyler Paper:

2013-4-1 Bruce and Edward by Phone

Touching base. Around 80 kids from B&G club and other sources. 20 volunteers on board from UTT. Expects a similar number of volunteers from TJC. Told him about web page with 10&under activities. Similar visions about working with different groups to grow tennis in their facilities and lead to bigger and better annual event. Bruce mentioned Melissa Bristol is B&G coordinator for this event. Bruce will email flyer promoting event to Edward. Have bought 120 t-shirts from coalition money. Bruce will try to come to meeting tonight after he plays jr. player for James at 6pm.

2013-03-12 Bruce called Edward

Just touching base. Everything is going as planned. St. Vincent may not be bringing kids so there we could invite Longview B&G club. Bruce and I agreed it was a long way for them to travel and Bruce felt doing a similar event in Longview was a real possibility. Has plenty of volunteers. Looking to get the kid number back up to around 200.

2013-03-02 Robyn has been coming through with some great stuff:

2013-02-10 Bruce called Edward

Highlights were: 1) T-shirts for participants from NETX funds. A little on logistics like: organize kids into groups of 8 or so and have them assigned to a group leader. Have stations to which the groups rotate. 160 kids/ 8 kids is 20 group leaders. Perhaps 10 stations, 1 station can handle 2 groups thats 20+10 30 volunteers Station coordinators and group leaders. just thoughts.

2013-02-08 Email from Bruce in response to "What about Longview"

We very much appreciate the financial support for the event.  It looks like we will likely have 200 kids at the event from the Boys and Girls Club as well as St. Paul's childrens foundation.  That will max out our capacity at TJC.  I talked to John Peterson and we were thinking why not have a Longview First Aces for the Boys and Girls Club in Longview and any other underserved kids that the event would be capable of handling.  John indicated that TJC could bring some players for the Exhibition Match portion possibly with ETBU.  I talked to Gary Boles of Longview and he was going to discuss the possibility with Tracy White as well as Isaac Anders, the high school tennis coach.  Your Board member could attend our event for ideas as to the things that work best at the event. 
Jim Sciarro is going to loan us some ten and under tennis nets for our courts so that we can handle more kids per court.  We should have more than enough tennis players to get the kids engaged in games but I am sure that we could use some volunteers from NETX to help orchestrate things.
Thanks again for your help. Sincerely, Bruce

2013-01-25 Bruce called with update:

First Aces is the working name for the event. The player are confirmed for April 16, Friday,  from 4-6pm at TJC courts. Boys & Girls club anticipates bringing about 100 kdis, De Pauls has not reported numbers yet. TJC is contributing players for exhibition and activities on outside courts. Brookshires is likely to contribute ice cream or other treat.

In order for the Woldert Park Tennis court rejuevenation project to get USTA funding the tennis court must be handicap accessible. Apparently there is just a few feet that would need modified; curb lowerd, sidewalk poured... City of Tyler believes they can make this happen. (To find the Woldert park in Google Maps, look for Glass recreation at approximately 32st N and Broadway. Woldert Park is immediately to the west. The Boys & Girls club of East Texas is across 32nd from Glass. Griffen Elementary is across 32nd street from the tennis court and Dogan Middle School is 4 blocks from Woldert Park.

2012-12-20 email exchange Edward & Bruce:


Thanks so much for your reply and interest. I spoke to the executive director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of East Texas and they can provide marketing to a large group of kids that we are targeting to help guarantee attendance. He would like the idea presented to their Board in January or February. Lets keep in touch and hopefully this can become a reality.  Thanks again, Bruce (cell no. 903 530 3616)

2012-12-20 excerpts from original email:

Northeast Texas Exhibition Match to introduce underserved kids to tennis.

The Match would be between  players from UT Tyler and Tyler Junior College.   We would probably have one set of mens and womens singles and one set of doubles(mens or womens).  We would also have kids in the 8-10 year old range demonstrate ten and under tennis.  Possible clinic afterwards for kids who attend the match.

Target audience:  Underserved kids in our community.  Bergfeld Park has two courts in a part of Tyler that is close to many underserved kids who have have likely never been exposed to tennis.  Our contacts at regional elementary schools, Tyler Independent School District, Parks programs, local churches, etc. would be utilized to inform kids and parents of the event.  Prizes, tennis raquet and ball handouts and other giveaways would also be helpful to increase participation.

Match timing:  Probably late March on a Saturday morning 10-11:30.  This would coincide with the USTA month of March push to introduce underserved kids to tennis.

Match participants:  Coach selected players from UT Tyler and TJC.

Infrastructure:  Approach city parks department for stands/bleachers to be placed adjacent to court.  Have volunteer announcers,etc.  Minor improvements to Bergfeld courts such as marking the courts for 10 and under tennis can be performed.

Advantages of the Exhibition Match concept:

  1. Introduce high quality exciting tennis to kids who have never been exposed to the sport.
  2. Equip underserved kids with as many raquets and decompression balls as possible
  3. Potentially spawn followup clinics to grow talented players from the underserved pool.
  4. Raise awareness of the great local tennis programs at TJC and UT Tyler and hopefully add to their fan base.
  5. Create a concept that can be used in other communities greatly increasing tennis participation
  6. Help underserved kids see the excitement and opportunities of being a part of college/higher education institutions such as TJC and UT Tyler.
  7. Attract sustainable sponsorship for annual event with local sources and USTA Serves program grants.
  8. Provide opportunity for college players to give back to the community.
Thanks again for considering this concept to help Northeast Texas youth grow through tennis.


          Bruce C. Carter, M.D.